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The next generation of ualbyphone is available exclusively on the App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android devices.

It is developed by a San Francisco-based (United) flight attendant with a simple mission...

" Provide a more convenient mobile access to CCS and include additional tools to enhance trip trading, crew communication and the overall scope of schedule management in a simple, easy to use mobile app."
- Octavious

Only mobile app versions (iOS and Android) of ualbyphone are developed at this time. Access on your LINK is available. See full details to ENABLE ON LINK

Crew Assistance

A ualbyphone Exclusive Feature - providing you access to essential communication and search tools while Searching the Market, engaged in a Chat or anywhere on the app.

Search Tools

Essential search tools when you need them - find work positions by pairing and aircraft type, find crewmember details, view staffing sheets, crewlist, master calendar.


Send a text message or call a crewmember directly from your mobile device without having to leave the app or closing an open view, such as the Market listing.


Crew Communications

Seems like this extremely valuable communication tool between crewmembers was lost in the new system. Sending a simple message to a fellow crewmember for trades became a multi-task process and was not immediate. The ability to contact an entire flight crew in an instant was gone...
Welcome to CrewChat and CrewMessaging!


A cross-platform chat application between active users for Trip Trades and other crew-related chats. Easily send a text message directly from your phone's messaging system - or call this person for an immediate response. Learn more...


Send and receive private messages between crew members directly on the app, regardless if they are an active user or not. Compose a message by first searching a flight crew list, or from a list of file numbers or search by name.


Secured CCS/FT Access

ualbyphone provides an enhanced access to CCS and Flying Together by incorporating a secured (SSL Certified) single authentication Login process to the most commonly used inflight crew functions.


Lines of Flying & KeyPages

View monthly Bid Packages upon release by the company (including VRLF) - in their original format for bidding purposes. Once LOF Awards are complete, you can continue to reference these packages, filtering for crew member awards, searching by file number or name, or search a LOF or Pairing/Keypage. It is not intended to be a "bid filtering tool", but more or less a Bid Package reference during bids and after LOF awards.

LOF Search Tool

Ability to search LOF assignments by Line Number, File Number or by Name - system-wide. Quickly search a Pairing to reference the original schedule. You can search as far back up to a three month period.

Convenient Bid Reference

Ever looked through a bid package and had to indivdually reference each LOF pairing through the "many" KeyPages? Now it's a single click reference to all Pairings assigned to a LOF.


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Multi Search Function

Multiple options in searching a LOF once awarded - by Line Number, File Number or our Exclusive "Awards From" listing.

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LOF Award Details

View details of LOF/VRLF award for any flight attendant - systemwide for up to a three month period.

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System Wide Bid Packages

Access bid packages for all bases up to three months back. Easily reference our exclusive Base Statistics.

Other App Features

As many features as possible were developed within this initial "next gen" release of ualbyphone. As an active flight attendant "on the line", my trip experiences, bidding and schedule management as well as your positive feedback will help in the continued development and enhancement of this invaluable tool.

Click each feature for more details.


KCM Stations


Crew List


Crew Rest App


Crew CrashPads


Hotel Finder


Base Statistics


Maximum Duty


Holiday Pay


Annual Subscriptions

A FREE 30Day Trial is offered to each subscriber upon a successful SignUp and verification with United's Inflight department. Previous ualbyphone users (subUA) are offered a convenient "profile transfer" process by simply submitting their file number eliminating the SignUp process.

Subscriptions are platform-based which requires exclusive subscriptions if you need to access the app between an Android and iOS device. Please view our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more details.

ualbyphone is available for download on United's LINK device. You must be an active Annual Subscriber to enable this access. Click ENABLE ON LINK for full details.





FREE Trial Period
For Lineholders & Reserves
Platform-based Subscriptions
Auto-renewal for iOS devices
PayPal Subscription (Androids)
Extend Access on LINK device


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions or suggestions, contact us.

Will we be able to put the app on our Link like we could on the previous old app?

Yes, you can extend your existing subscription from your iOS (iPhone or iPad) device or Android to LINK. Simply follow the process to Enable on Link from your Profile Settings. Tap open the tile with your photo, click Other settings => Enable on Link.

Ensure your Link is ready and available when performing this function as the entire process must be completed in a single session.

The contact options/info missing are from my chat. How do I enable the call and or text me indicators? Im referring specifically to the bubbles at the end of my request for picking up a trip.

Just tap Call or PM via Text at the bottom of each Crew Chat post to process those functions. You may be prompted by your device to "Allow.." Please click Allow.

The Post Reply (with bubble icon) will display replies to your post by others - if any. You will get a notification if someone post a reply to your posting and it will change to "(1) Post Replies", other however many replies were made.

I am not able to see what I am typing.

Did you happen to change your iPhone Display Appearance to "Dark Mode"? We have applied a patch to fix this issue on an upcoming version release. In the meantime, please update your iPhone display to "Light mode". If this is not your issue, please provide more details.

The app description said I could see my position and where I sit all in one easy place but I only see a link to ccs for my trip so I cant figure out where this function is. Please let me know as that is one of the main reasons I would choose this app. Also is there legality info for both domestic and international pairings? Does it show position and seating location even on ids that are meters with odd numbers?

To view crew list work positions, ensure you have your CCS password saved to App. You can identify this with unlocked menu icons for CCS and other items. If they are still locked - you will be prompted to provide your CCS password.

Click CrewList from the main menu and enter the Flight number, select departure date and enter departure base.

The table results will display each FA position for regular Pairings - not on metered pairings. Click each CrewPhoto display complete work position details including an aircraft diagram and link to the Staffing Sheet.