The Whole Story
All of our products, UALbyPhone, Addon Desktop and Mac Addon were designed to create a more user friendly interface than the black terminal screens of Unimatic and Apollo. I think we were successful supplying the crews with an easier way to access the info they needed for both work and pass travel.

Since the merger with Continental was announced, we have been diligently trying to find out the direction our crew and reservation systems would be moving so we could plan for the future of our products. Obviously, there would be no need for a "third party" product if the company offered a modern and friendly interface. Unfortunately communications from our designated contact at UAL has been poor. We finally received the information we requested last week (middle of Feb. 2012) from one of the Managing Directors in the IT division. It was refreshing getting a prompt and direct answer and we hope that is a good omen for the future.

That answer was that both pilots and flight attendants will be moving off Unimatic and on to the Continental Crew Communication System, CCS. We have only seen a little of the CCS system, but it appears to be designed to allow the crews access to the information that we all use daily. The difference from Unimatic is that CCS was designed as a web based system that runs from your computer browser as well as your mobile devices. It appears very user friendly and will not require any "third party" software such as ours.

That brings us to UALbyPhone and our other products. All crews will continue using Unimatic until CCS is available. That will not be until the JCBA (Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement) for pilots and flight attendants are achieved. As you know, that could be soon or it could be years. After that, it will take some months for the programming of the new work rules and pay rates to be completed in CCS. When the move to CCS actually happens, access through unimatic will not be necessary and our services will be obsolete.

With that in mind, we believe that offering a 3-month ($25) subscription allows you to continue using our services without fear of paying for a service that might not be available for the entire subscription period.  We have always had a disclaimer that there would be no refunds and we stand by that policy. We have purposely kept our prices low in case we ran into this situation. In addition, the logistics of sending out partial refunds would be a nightmare for us.

What about the future? No one can say for sure, but we will be supporting our services for as long as they are relevant. If it turns out that we can provide other products that will make your lives a little easier, we will develop them and offer them at a reasonable price.

We hope this clarifies things a bit. As you know, the only thing that is for sure is that things change. When these changes happen, we promise to keep you informed. Thanks again for your understanding during these changing times.


Octavious Mendoza
CrewFly Solutions, LLC