About ualbyphone Version 7

Welcome to UALByPhone Version 7 (ubp7)!

You are about to experience a whole new way to view and manage your monthly schedules, display trip segments with immediate links to pertinent and useful information, and process trip trades from a few simple clicks.

If you previously used version 6, it will even be more so transparent as you progress through the many functions and features.

The most significant changes we applied to ubp7 is the "ID View" (or Calendar) allowing for advanced management of your schedule and trips.  Other highlights include:

- Inputting a trade or open trip request will now be as easy as few button clicks. 
- Get immediate notifications of your current and next trips including check in times and immediate links to a DSPID and briefing displays. 
- View your active trip segments from a whole new perspective
- Detailed layover information with links to nearby restaurants, shops and services (courtesy of Yelp).
- Image map links to Known Crewmember Access at participating airports, and even see the current weather of your layover destination.
- View Crew Photos of an inflight crew (FLTLOF) or from a DSPLOF display, and other crew display functions exclusive to ubp7.
- Detailed DFAP display and Cert# definitions.

And finally, our most significant enhancement to version 7 is a social component - the Forums and Social Links.  In this section you can share problems and solutions with fellow crew members,  share hotel and layover information,  pleasure travel info,  crash pad availability and even rumors and social stuff.

These are only a small fraction of the many new features of ubp7, and we simply want to see if what we have developed is "user-friendly" enough whereby with limited instructions and tutorials, you will find and navigate its many advanced functions.